It’s September, which means we should be expecting upgrades to the iPod line at any moment. That moment is currently expected to be September 9. Schematics have hit the web detailing the size changes to the Nano and Touch. With the success of the iPhone 3G Apple is introducing curved lines to the iPod family. Expect to see new Nintendo Wii controllers that are also curved for that extra aesthetic oomph.

The guys at iLounge have the rumored details on what we can expect for the upgrades. The Nano is a little bit taller and about 0.4 mm thinner than before. This will make the Nano the thinnest iPod yet. The iPod touch will lose 1mm of height and go 0.4 mm thinner as well. Personally I like the new look of the Nano. While some fans got used to the short and squatty Nano’s, I was never impressed. The widescreen and slim/tall design is more pleasing for me.

We expect Apple to officially announce the upgrades to the iPod line sometime this month. Whether it happens on September 9 or not is another matter.

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