Second Life is working hard to become a real world. First it has its own currency, then it’s own time zone, now it’s getting its own film festival. The 48 Hour Film Festival (sponsored by Panasonic) is teaming up with Second Life for the first ever “virtual” film festival, applying the festival’s rules into Second Life’s world.

Participants will have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a “virtual reality” film taking place entirely within the world of Second Life. The contest will begin on January 11th at 4pm Second Life Time (that’s 7pm Eastern Standard Time). Contestants will receive a specific genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue to be worked into their script. From that time the teams will have 48 hours to create and submit their film entries.

Appropriately, screenings of the resulting films will be shown within Second Life. Screenings are scheduled for Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th at the New Globe Theater at 5pm Second Life Time (8pm EST). The winner will go on to be shown in the real world at the 48 Hour Film Festival’s Filmapalooza in March.

Find out more about the Second Life 48 Hour Film Festival at, where you can also enter to volunteer on a team.

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