Proper grilling doesn’t come from propane or charcoal. Either can be used to produce tasty results. No, the most important aspect is high heat management. Getting your grill hot enough to give that grilled flavor on your steak without turning it to ash is an art. That’s why this new solar powered grill has me weary. It’s not an electric grill that runs on solar power, it’s literally a grill that cooks with the sun. Cool idea, yet I can’t help but fear it provides mediocre fare for the paper plate.

The Solar-Grill uses a flexible mirror to aim the suns rays at the black “barbecue cup” to get it nice and toasty. You then simply throw the meat on and the heat generated during the preheat phase cooks the meat. Since it’s light and easily transportable this is a good solution for camping or even tailgating. No need to worry about flames or smoke, just cooked meat to enjoy. I recommend putting your meat on a stick because everything is better in a stick, it’s why lamb chops are so inherently good.

If you’re interested in testing this thing out it can be picked up for $240. That seems a bit pricey considering you can pick up a Weber charcoal grill for less than $100. But hey, you’re cooking with the power of the sun. Captain Planet would be proud.

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