When you’re considering not buying a house so you can get a 100”+ television there may be a problem. Luckily there’s a solution that for some reason people don’t consider: projectors. Sony today introduced two new 1080p front home theater projectors. One of which would be a welcome addition to the average house, and the other is for the more serious A/V investor.

The VPL-VW70 and VPL-HW10 are both 1080p and 24p True Cinema capable, giving the user a closer approximation of watching a film in the theater right at home. The HW10 features 60,000:1 dynamic contrast, while the VW70 doubles that. Both projectors will also feature a panel alignment function that gets the red, green and blue pixels lined up for perfect images. You’ll be able to make +/-1 pixel increments. The VW70 also includes panel zone alignment to get even deeper into the nitty gritty of calibration.

Compared to a 150” plasma television this is indeed something “affordable.” Of course, that doesn’t mean cheap. The VPL-VW70 will be available in November for $8,000, and the VPL-HW10 is to come out this month for $3,500.

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