This past weekend Sony and SanDisk announced they were going to play nice to develop yet another new memory card specification. The SxS will support high-speed transfers and fits into the ExpressCard slot on your camera and other devices. There’s nothing like two companies getting together and thrusting upon the world a new standard for a new favorite. The SxS memory cards are beign developed mainly for professional camcorders and non-linear video editing systems, but compliance with ExpressCard means wide support in hardware immediately.

The SxS uses flash memory and offers 800 megabits per second of transfer speed. This high speed will allow high definition video to be put on a PC for video editing at a much faster rate. The card itself is small, keeping with the trend of smaller and lighter cameras. Sony is supporting the SxS with it’s new line of XDCAM professional camcorders. In addition to the 50 Mbps optical disc recording coming to the lineup, the Tokyo boys are releasing the XDCAM EX to utilize the capabilities of the SxS memory cards.

The XDCAM EX will use MPEG-2 compression and offer the ability to record in 1080p and 720p. The flash cards will initially be released in 8GB and 16GB versions, allowing up 120 minutes of high definition content on two 16GB cards. Pricing and release date has not been announced.

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