Have you ever sat and watched Star Wars and wondered what Han Solo would be like as a WWII bomber pilot? After all, it does fit with the character. Yeah, well I have not done that either. But lucky for us both, someone has…and they’ve turned Han into a new WWII figure. Actually a whole line of Star Wars 1942 toys have been designed by custom toy creator, Sillof.

The Darth Vader is the same basic idea from the movie, except using 40’s technology. And to get that Nazi feel, a red armband with the Imperial symbol replaces the swastika. All of the toys in the 1942 line have that kind of wonderful detail. While these are not official toys, and are in fact created from a hodge podge of parts and other toys, they still look cool. Plus, maybe Toy Story’s evil Syd wasn’t such a bad kid. Perhaps he was just training to later on do work like this.

You can look at all of the toys at Toymania.

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