The Suuntu Core watch is designed for people who need to know the weather when away from a wireless connection or the TV. Personally the first person I thought of when seeing the watch was my father in law, who loves to keep up on the latest weather trends. If you’re doing any traveling there’s no need to check with the local weather service, just give him a call. And now there’s a watch that could allow him to have access to weather at all times. Pretty cool, if you’re a weather buff.

The watch comes with a barometer, thermometer, altimeter, compass, and a Weather Trend Indicator. That’s a lot of information from one little watch. Best of all there is a storm alarm that alerts you when a big bad storm is moving in so you have time to make preparations. Imagine being the first one to the store to buy 30 packages of Ramen noodles and when people give you weird looks you can say, “Just wait. You’ll be back.”

The Suunto Core retails for a little over $300, so it’s a tad expensive for any everyday watch. But not so much so that the casual weather watch wearer would be left in a sudden downpour.

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