Price: $39.95
Type: Headset
Manufacturer: OTTO

Okay, so let's say that your ears are begging for some surround sound technology, but you’re not sure what you should wrap around them. No problem, just slip on OTTO’s Surround Sound Digital Audio Headset, and you will experience some undeniably good, quality sounds.

The OTTO Headset features 40 mm NeoDymium speakers, a volume control located on the left-ear phone, and an easy to use on/off SRS switch. This is all conveniently packaged within a simple pair of black-and-silver colored headphones with individually adjustable earphones, and ear pads that deafens just about all other sounds not coming from the headset.

Unlike Tritton’s AXPC that requires a CD to install, along with a USB ready cable, OTTO’s headphone set is a simple plug’n’play device that works just like any standard headphone set: just plug them into the headphone outlet. This also makes them convenient to use in CD players, mobile media players, handheld gaming devices, laptops and PCs. The only downside to the headset’s functionality is that it requires one AAA battery. Still, that’s not much of a gripe in comparison to the quality sound that they produce.

I tested the headset on a few devices and with a few software programs – they worked well enough. But the thing is, even though they produce amazing clarity and near pitch-perfect surround sound capabilities, they often times over-produced the sound. The stiff earmuffs are so close to your ears that it throws every single sound your way, completely uninterrupted. For people who enjoy an over-amount of volume to the noise that their ears eat, the OTTO headset does a fine job of making sure that the sound comes in gluttonous proportions. If you have software with an equalizer attached, it would be best to mess around with the settings before slapping on the headset and turning up the volume.

I also noticed that different songs, games and media content contained different kinds of sound settings when heard through the headset. Hence, M.U.G.E.N was a lot louder and fuzzier than Halo 2 Vista, and Sting’s “It’s Probably Me” was far clearer than Bono and William Orbit’s “Electrical Storm”. So depending on the audio content will vary on how much volume should be added, and what sort of settings best suit the most evincing sound output for the headset.

I still have one other peeve about the OTTO headset – it’s minor but it’s worth mentioning – the cord is too short. If you plan on using them with a CD player, handheld device, or something that you’re going to keep close to your ear – or at least three-feet within reach of your ears – then it’s all fine and dandy. However, I tried using the headphones on a stereo system, only to find that it didn’t reach from the digital tuner to the computer desk.

Nevertheless, OTTO’s Surround Sound Stereo Headset offers up some quality sound with nearly unbeatable SRS digital output. I wouldn’t necessarily say these are perfect for gaming, but if you have a laptop, handheld gaming device or mobile music player, and you’re thinking about getting a really nice pair of affordable headphones, OTTO’s Headset certainly isn’t a bad option.

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