Things that come from Boston: Red Sox, Aerosmith, Marky Mark, Jason Bourne, and night-vision goggles that show color. Tenebraex Corp. from South Boston has been developing technology to aide in vision for 15 years now. The company is set to release color night-vision goggles.

The system is able to show color down to ¼ moonlight, anything below that goes back to the monochromatic green we all know from Splinter Cell games. Called ColorPath, Tenebraex hopes the military will find a need for the technology. Especially Army medics, who have trouble with intravenous lines when they can’t see color in the dark. If the armed forces wants one it’ll run $6,000 a piece. ”We developed it with our own money, not government money,” Peter Jones, co-founder of Tenebraex, said to the Boston Globe last week.

The company also has a consumer product that came out last year in the EyePilot. The EyePilot is a transparent screen that lays over a computer monitor and allows colorblind people to see. When viewing an image or chart the user clicks a button corresponding to the color they need to “see” and it immediately goes into sharp relief. One of these will only set you back $35, significantly less than the $6k for night-vision. But only with colored night-vision goggles can you infiltrate an enemy stronghold and stealthily take everyone out. Espionage or being able to do your job…it’s worth the extra money.

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