Toshiba announced today a slim HD DVD-RW drive for notebooks. The drive will be able to read, write and rewrite HD DVD-RW discs, and read and write to HD DVD-R discs. Obviously it will provide all your read and write needs for DVD and CD discs. The HD DVD camp has been a little bit lacking in the recordable drive department, most likely due to the stricter standards placed on players.

The SD-L912A will be able to provide users with a way to backup data on HD DVD optical discs. At 20GB of space HD DVD’s offer four times the space of standard DVD’s, and space is always a premium commodity. This is especially a problem on laptops, where Toshiba’s new drive will be placed. The company says that with demand for high resolution HD video content, the desire for recording that information on a PC’s optical drive has been increasing. External hard drives have become increasingly popular in recent years; an internal HD DVD-RW drive could help alleviate the space problems that consumers encounter.

Toshiba plans to sell the drive on an OEM, rather than directly to end users. The SD-L912A will be unveiled at the Computex trade show in Taipai tomorrow. The drive itself will begin shipping to PC manufacturers in July.

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