I’ve had nothing but luck with our UPS guy. I like what Brown does for me. For instance, when it’s raining and no one is home he’ll take our little recycling bin and put packages in there to keep them dry. It’s the little touches. Now UPS as a whole is taking a greener approach to package shipment by testing out the HP Handheld sp400 All-in-One.

This little arm gauntlet scans barcodes and prints sorting info directly onto boxes with quick-drying ink. This means no more paper labels. Right now the device is being tested in Orlando’s shipping center, where no errors occurred in 40,000 uses. That one little piece of equipment replaces a whole lot of crap: printer, PC, monitor and scanner.

UPS is saying that the sp400 not only results in a greener company, something that is just so damned popular nowadays, but will also save them a ton of money. They will save on labor costs, as well as the cost of paper. I hope Dunder-Mifflin isn’t their supplier.

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