So you’ve been hearing about all the wonders that the lucky few of us are enjoying with FiOS, and damnit you want in on the high speed internet action. Even in central New York, far from “the city” and major population centers, we enjoy the comforts of superb high speed web surfing. Verizon is now looking into ways to get that goodness out to the general masses.

PC Mag is reporting on Verizon’s research into what can be done to expand FiOS. Unlike Cable or AT&T’s U-Verse, FiOS runs fiber right to your house. I know this because I watched as they buried the cable to my brother’s house, expertly covered it back up with grass and then saw a snakeline of dead grass appear a few days later. It eventually grew back, and at least he was getting full on fiber action.

Verizon isn’t yet sure what the alternative will be, but they’re trying to find some compromise that will still be superior than the cable company’s coaxial cable run.

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