While the multitude of touchscreen smartphones have been marched out into the public as possible “iPhone killers,” there’s one company who chooses to not play that game. Rather than compete device vs. device Verizon plans to take on AT&T with service offerings. What could Verizon possibly offer that’ll elicit a glance from the iPhone defender? 3G network capabilities for one.

During a press conference at the NXTcomm trade show Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg indicated the company already has the devices in place, and the service plans offered will keep the company at the top. ”The new BlackBerry is flying off shelves,” he said, ”The way we see it, our customers have price points and service packaging that is different.” Verizon’s robust infrastructure and loyal user base puts them in a powerful position, even with the eminent arrival of the iPhone.

Rather than take the defensive, Seidenberg points out that AT&T and Apple are the ones who have to prove themselves. Whatever the impact the iPhone has on the market Verizon plans to stay the course. There’s little reason not to. Verizon sits atop the cell phone provider pile with an extremely low customer turn over rate. If you’re really interested in data access via a smartphone in the U.S. right now your best option is Verizon. It’s going to be a kick in the nards for Apple if people realize they’re getting last gen technology in an otherwise innovative and interesting device.

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