Despite the ongoing controversy of being locked to one network or getting “bricked,” the iPhone is still one of the most desirable cell phone products on the market. Between its features and flat out “gadget” appeal, it probably even is a contender for one of this year’s best technological releases. Now, the iPhone is getting some competition from Verizon and LG who are offering a new phone model that look like it’s intended to give Verizon an iPhone-like options for users.

Information Week reports that LG’s new Voyager phone, which was unveiled earlier this week, shares several similarities with the iPhone including a large touch screen, a web browser, and, of course, access to Verizon’s wireless internet and music services.

In addition to the iPhone style features, the Voyager also holds a full QWERTY keyboard hidden behind the touch screen, which slides out for easy use. Users who have trouble with the iPhone’s touch screen only interface might prefer the Voyager’s keyboard, which offers an alternate method to interface with the phone’s features. Reportedly, the access method the Voyager will use to access mobile Internet will be based on 3G technology, faster than AT&T’s Edge data network.

Still, one can’t look at the Voyager without the iPhone immediately coming to mind. The layout of the phone’s design along with the shortcut buttons on the touch screen bear a strong resemblance to Apple’s groundbreaking product. Don’t expect this to be the only copycat product to appear on the scene, however. Jeff Kagan, a wireless and telecom analyst suggests other networks like Sprint or T-Mobile very well might come forward with their own versions of the hyped device.

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