For those who desire TV on their cell phone, it looks like Verizon is set to launch V Cast Mobile tomorrow, March 1st. But only in selected areas. In particular it seems locations on the western side of the country will get the bulk of the service. There’s no official word on why this is the case. So you trendsetters in Smalltown, Idaho will have to pine for a bit. It’s OK, just look at the sweetness that’s coming to the rest of us once this becomes a rousing success. I personally can’t wait to squint at my phone to figure out if Jack Bauer is torturing a man or giving him a manly hug.

Laptop Magazine got a tip on the launch, and they claim Verizon will debut the system on the Samsung SCH-u620. Included will be eight channels, featuring both live and time shiftend content. CBS, Comedy Central, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and others will be available for your mobile viewing pleasure at the launch. Pricing is a very reasonable $15 per month for just the TV service, or $25 if you want to add on some web surfing.

Stay tuned to your Samsung phone so you’ll know when to start your ‘Daily Show’ marathon.

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