I have yet to see an instance where a company attempting to tease consumers with an upcoming product has actually worked out to anyone’s advantage. Remember the whole “what is it?” campaign that led to the segway? And how many people raced out and purchased those? Sure, some companies got on board (like patrolling security companies or Disney utilizing them at Walt Disney World) but they didn’t exactly become a mainstream device.

Now Sony is teasing consumers with an upcoming product, through their “Drive” portal website. The product (seen at right) is mostly obscured with a green ribbon and bow and what little is visible could be anything from a treadmill to a desk lamp.

The leading speculation through websites like Engadget is that this will be revealed in the coming weeks as Sony’s latest entry into the computer race and is most likely an all-in-one unit like the iMac. But is anyone buying Sony computers anymore? With Dell and HP contending for the leading position as computer vendors, I thought Sony was pretty much out of the competition – especially considering negative reviews of their Vaio line.

Sony’s definitely taken some knocking in recent years on the consumer side of things - their professional equipment still is pretty high quality, but he consumer side hasn’t maintained that recently. Is a tease campaign like this what the company has to resort to in order to draw interest? Do we think this will help them regain consumers or will this be another segway with most people looking from a distance and then disappearing as soon as that bow is removed?

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