XM Radio and Sirius are, after a year, starting to see results of their planned merger. The deal hasn’t made it past all scrutiny yet, but the Department of Justice has given the lovely couple its blessing. Now that the merger has passed through anti-trust problems, we’re off to the FCC.

The DoJ looked at many factors, the majority of which Clear Channel has been lauding the past year, before making their decision. It would seem that because of hardware incompatibility there is less concern over the two competing companies going after the same existing customer. The DoJ also maintained that they believe the resultant merged company would not inflate their prices due to no competition. If no competition were truly an issue, then why is Clear Channel worried? Unless they, along with download services and HD radio, will also play ball with satellite radio. Hmm….sounds like competition in the market to me.

I’m not all that interested in satellite radio, but I know that it would simply be nice to get whatever you want with the service fee paid each month. Right now programming is split between XM Radio and Sirius. It’s springtime, which means baseball. And if I want my Stern in the morning and Yankee game in the afternoon then I should get it.

The merger now needs to get past the FCC, and that shouldn’t be as big of an issue with the DoJ’s backing.

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