There have been a lot of console mods over the years. Wii’s made up with Zelda paraphernalia and the like. A modder on the Ben Heck forums has decided that the small handed among the populace should have a chance to play the Xbox 360. Even though the wireless 360 controller is a comfortable size, it is still larger than the PS3 SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK 3.

The concept is simple: the modder took the inner workings of a 360 controller and jammed them into the shell of a PS3 Dual Shock controller. Yes I know there is no real purpose for such a mod. It isn’t a geeky tribute to some fanboy dream or a one-handed controller. It isn’t even a controller for the blind, which then raises the question of how a blind person could play video games. No, this is just done because the guy could. Sometimes that’s enough.

For more information on how the mod came about, and the process of it being done, visit the Ben Heck forums here.

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