If you give it to them, they will indeed come. Apple launched the iPhone with no third party support. In a way it was like Nintendo (who have been “borrowing” Apple aesthetics for awhile now) pretty much relying on their own products to keep the Wii going, except Nintendo at least allowed shovelware on their system. Now that Apple has jumped on board with the other kids at the playground they are happy to announce over 250,000 downloads of the iPhone SDK have occurred since it launched on March 6.

“Developer reaction to the features, power and simplicity of the iPhone SDK has been incredible,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing in a statement earlier today. “We are seeing some truly amazing native apps from our developers and think users are going to love the breadth and depth of the applications available from the App Store."

Developers like AOL, Electronic Arts and…TypePad (?) were paraded about to celebrate the success of an iPhone SDK. Of course it’s successful, a half a gazillibillion people bought the damn phone when it released. Even if the product is crap, do you think EA would pass up a chance to get some games on the iPhone? Super Monkey Ball was shown off during the keynote at WWDC to mixed response. Personally I think all of these games are fairly mediocre.

Developers who are interested in the SDK can visit this site. You can charge what you want for a program and keep 70% of the profit. Kind of makes you want to learn how to make something that’ll catch fire, turning you into a multimillionaire and then a story will make the rounds of your most frequented blogs and forums talking about the wunderkind who made good.

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