I still remember a time when water was essentially free. When you wanted a glass you’d go to the tap and get it. Easy as can be. Now you can get water from your car. While this is an extra feature, I’m certain you’re paying premium prices to get this kind of service in your vehicle. The Mazda Kiyora is designed to consume less gas, produce fewer emissions and procure you more water than any other car on the market.

While driving through rain the roof channels water into a Lifesaver purification bottle, known as the Lifesaver Bottle Citi. The bottle is in the middle of the interior for easy access by all passengers. This is actually a pretty cool little extra. While Bishop on Fringe was vastly intrigued by car seats that warm themselves, I’m impressed with our need to have water immediately. Even though we’re cruising at 65MPH and could easily get one of those bottles of water at the store. You know, pay for water like any other sane person.

The filtration system uses an activated carbon filter that removes all waterborne pathogens and pollutants to provide passengers with sterile drinking water. I guess in this water crazed world we now live in this is worthwhile. Personally I’d prefer if maybe they could mix me up a glass of iced tea instead.

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