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Guitar Hero Figurines Now Available At Toys R Us

For some reason figurines are a popular portion of the geek culture. Video games come packed with them in special limited edition cases, and die hards will spend lots of money searching the internet to complete a collection. I don’t go in for that, most likely because as an adult I don’t know what I’d do with them. But that doesn’t stop figurines from being popular.

Logitech And Activision Team Up To Offer Premium Guitar Hero Instruments

Activision has decided that since their upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour is looking supremely amazing they need something to make it compete with Rock Band 2. That super premium ION drum set for Rock Band 2 does look great.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Doesn't Play Nice With Rock Band Guitar

It looks like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith did not rectify the incompatible guitar peripheral “issue.” Actually, it’s doubtful that Activision sees it as a problem. As popular, with fans and critics alike, as Rock Band is it still pales in comparison to the Guitar Hero series.

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