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Father Of The iPod Leaves His Creation To Advise Jobs

Our kids grow up, they move on, and so must we. That’s true even if your child is an extremely popular gadget. Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod (along with other people, but you know…he was the guy) is leaving his position at Apple to take on a reduced role as an advisor to Steve Jobs. It’s certainly simplistic to claim that Fadell “invented” the iPod when it was a team effort. Despite work by a team, and Apple hardware chief of engineering Jon Rubenstein, Fadell is still considered the popular MP3’s father.

Microsoft Sort Of Copying Apple Genius Bar

Microsoft should just stop going to toe to toe with Apple. Each time they go and “copy” a Cupertino idea it fails miserably. Microsoft can’t compete on the commercial front, even though the Mac vs PC ads are starting to get stale. Now Microsoft is looking to combat the Apple Genius’ with some Microsoft Gurus.

Rumor: iPod Nano And Touch Upgrade Schematics Leaked

It’s September, which means we should be expecting upgrades to the iPod line at any moment. That moment is currently expected to be September 9. Schematics have hit the web detailing the size changes to the Nano and Touch. With the success of the iPhone 3G Apple is introducing curved lines to the iPod family.

Rumor: MacBook Touch This October

Usually when we get a rumor on some product it comes with vague allusions to what might be. It’s more like a creepy man in a trench coat is trying to sell you some candy than any hard information. And while rumor of a MacBook touch releasing in October is still full on unconfirmed rumor

iPhone SDK Is Popular...Big Surprise

If you give it to them, they will indeed come. Apple launched the iPhone with no third party support. In a way it was like Nintendo (who have been “borrowing” Apple aesthetics for awhile now) pretty much relying on their own products to keep the Wii going, except Nintendo at least allowed shovelware on their system.

Apple Unveils The iPhone 3G

Earlier today at WWDC, Steve Jobs officially unveiled the iPhone 3G. That’s what he called it, and so say we all. The phone has seen some minor and major improvements over the first gen iPhone, items we’ll detail in a moment. The biggest initial news to Apple fanboys and detractors alike is the $199 starting price point.

HBO And Apple Embrace

It looks like HBO, who were often on the cutting edge of television programming in the last decade, might be making the leap to digital distribution of its content. HBO is rumored to have struck a deal with Apple to bring original programming to iTunes.

Apple Picks New York's Green Campaign

Trademark law often has the feel of being a bit dodgy. Like companies are overprotective mothers who won’t let their child swing on the monkey bars at the park, or play football. It doesn’t help when Apple challenges New York City’s trademark application to use a stylized apple logo for the green living campaign.

ATT CEO: 3G iPhone Coming Soon(er)

I say, “iPhone.” Now you reply, “3G!” And then AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega says at CTIA 2008 that you’ll get it in a few months. At least, that’s what he seemed to indicate during the event.

Apple iPhone SDK Includes Limitations

So why the limitation? The popular guess is that Apple is maintaining their system performance by making sure users can’t overload the iPhone’s processor and memory. Users can’t complain of the system being overworked if they aren’t allowed to run more than the iPhone was originally planned to handle.

What If Apple Had Designed The PSP?

Apple makes slick products. And Sony now has Skype on the PSP, turning it into a sort of PSPhone. So it’s no wonder that someone would put their Photoshop skills to work making a hybrid. You can see the image to the right, and it essentially looks like an iPhone with some Playstation buttons added. I’m assuming it’s an iPhone because there are zero analog sticks, so we’d need the touch screen.

Apple Updates The iPhone And Touch

If you were sitting on the sidelines waiting for the iPod Touch to become worthwhile, then this is your week. Apple has updated the new player by doubling the memory and setting some new prices. All bow at the alter of MP3. Oh and the iPhone has been upped as well.

Apple's iTunes Rental Users Encounter Problems

It sounds as if Apple’s entry into the home rental market isn’t without some trials. Then again, this is a new piece of technology so it’s expected to have some quirks. Here’s hoping Apple can iron out the bugs relatively quickly. Until then, I won’t be making any plans to get rid of my Netflixs account.

MacBook Air Starts Shipping... Presumably By Air

If you jumped on the Apple MacBook Air bandwagon quickly there’s good news for you this week: your new laptop is probably flying its way to you right now. According to Apple, the first MacBook Air laptops have shipped. Don’t expect to get one right away if you haven’t already pre-ordered. Although the units have theoretically shipped, phone calls to several Apple stores yielded no results.

NBC And Apple Admit Nobody Won When They Fought

Last week I realized that my DVR had accidently deleted several episodes from the end of Battlestar Galactica’s third season – episodes I hadn’t gotten to see yet (damn that seemingly-endless Monk marathon for taking up all the space!). No problem, right? In the day and age we live in, I can just log onto iTunes, find the episodes I want, and acquire them (completely legally) for my viewing pleasure.

Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD Includes Digital Version For ITunes

Purchase the DVD release of Family Guy: Blue Harvest, and you’ll be able to transfer the movie to your video iPod, computer, or on Apple TV. Within the DVD is a digital copy of the movie, along with a unique code for iTunes. Pop the DVD in to your computer, enter the code, and iTunes copies the movie into its digital library.

Apple And Fox Renting Movies On iTunes?

With Blockbuster Entertainment raising prices on its DVD-by-mail service, it seems like the death bell has rung for Netflix’s primary competition. Now it looks like Apple may be giving the company a run for its money as it enters into a rental deal with Fox pictures that will allow people to download movies for a limited time via iTunes.

Apple Planning To Protect Your Hearing

Portable sound devices being bad for your hearing is nothing new. Darn kids trying to listen to music too loudly goes back to portable 8-Track players and cassettes. Digital devices like iPods just make it more convenient to carry the device around, but the concern for hearing is still there. It appears Apple may be more concerned about your hearing than your kids most likely are, however

Apple Blog Reaches Settlement With Cupertino

Blog Think Secret is no longer embroiled with a lawsuit with Apple, according to a press release issued on Think Secret on December 20th. After almost three years of litigation, which stemmed from editor Nicholas Ciarelli (née Nick dePlume) announcing upcoming Apple products via the blog that were not revealed until 2005's MacWorld.

Is Nokia Trying To Core Apple?

The internets are buzzing with the word that cell phone maker Nokia and music giant Universal have inked a deal that will provide users of some Nokia phones the ability to download unlimited music tracks from the Universal library. You heard that right, unlimited.

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