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CNN Broadcasting Election Coverage With 3D Holograms

Perhaps Emperor Palpatine won’t be taking over, and getting things done, come January. Perhaps…election day isn’t over yet. But what is happening are holographic images of pundits will be talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s election night coverage. As in full 3D motherflippin’ holograms. This bodes well for the Emperor’s plans to sporadically appear in each American home to scare the children with his raspy voice and force lightning withered skin.

Star Wars Hoodie Lets You LARP At Any Moment

I feel confident that a lot of, if not the majority, of Star Wars fans are like me and wouldn’t be caught dead in a Storm Trooper cosplay uniform. Mark Ecko has a solution for us: this Storm Trooper hoodie. The great thing about it is you can wear with hood down and give your abstract support to the force, or you can zip it up fully for some LARPing good times.

Plastic Junk Sword Makes Your Wii Remote Ashamed Of Itself

Look, I accept that when you have something as popular as the Wii the plastic makers of the world will flock to it like geeks to a Star Wars cosplay party. I accept that. But that doesn’t make this “laser sword” any better.

Disney World's Star Wars Weekends To Include Clone Wars Preview

I’m sure you already knew that a Clone Wars movie was on the way in August. Bu if you’d like to get a little preview you might want to travel to the house of the Mouse. Each year Disney World puts together Star Wars weekends.

LEGO To Release Rogue Shadow In Conjuntion With Force Unleashed

Along with the Euphoria engine and pretty new physics that make you really feel as if the Force is flowing through your body, the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will feature are new ship to add to your ever expanding Star Wars armada.

Star Wars In World War II

Have you ever sat and watched Star Wars and wondered what Han Solo would be like as a WWII bomber pilot? After all, it does fit with the character. Yeah, well I have not done that either. But lucky for us both, someone has

Mimobot Star Wars USB Flash Drives

Some people think you can have too much of a good thing. That might be true when it comes to Glenlivet, but when you’re talking Star Wars crap to clutter up your already messy home office there is no end. That includes the latest set of Star Wars mimobot Series 2 USB Flash Drives, the second set (hence the “2”) of Lucas inspired flash drives.

12 Days of Christmas: The Weapon Of A Jedi

Swords are fun to play with, but who hasn’t dreamed of having a real lightsaber at their disposal. You know you have – who else was it that spent hours waving around a broom handle while making lightsaber noises with their mouth? They look cool, with an assorted range of colors making them perfect for customization. They provide a means of self-defense, a way to illuminate a darkened path, and a hell of a way to carve your holiday turkey or ham

Star Wars Thanks Space Shuttle Discovery

Ben Kenobi described The Force as a mystical energy force that connects all living things and binds the galaxy together. There’s certainly a connection between the Earth and the Space Shuttle Discovery right now, or at least one for Star Wars fans. The shuttle is currently carrying Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber into space. Now, as the shuttle prepares to head home, Star Wars fans are getting a chance to thank the crew

CB Tube: Darth Vader In Love

I loved the Shakespeare in Love parody, George Lucas in Love that was making the rounds a few years ago. Because of that, I originally ignored the link to this week’s selection when former music-section writer (and occasional Weekly Blend guest) Brian Williams sent me the link. I’m glad I finally gave it a shot because this is one hilarious video clip.

CB Tube: Trooper Clerks

This week is an oldie, but a goody. Kevin Smith’s famous Clerks sit around and bitch all day about customers, life, and anything else that comes up, gratuitously mixed with Star Wars and other movie references, of course. So what happens if those clerks are actually Stormtroopers in the Star Wars universe? That’s what you get with Trooper Clerks

X-Wing Flies Over California: Report From Plaster Wars 2007!

The stars of the show were three large scale projects. A masterfully detailed Y wing fighter complete with standard issue blast holes, a 26 foot 3 stage Comanche – an upscale version of an Estes kit, and a 23 foot tall X wing fighter. One of the most iconic and aerodynamically improbable vehicles in film, and these folks were going to make it fly in celebration of the release of Star Wars 30 years ago

CB Tube: Shatner Serenades George Lucas

What better way to start off a new column than by using one of the most popular people around Cinema Blend: William Shatner. Some of our staff’s love of The Shat is so widespread and well known that restraining orders have been issued. But how do you make Shatner better? How about by having him serenade George Lucas along with a Stormtrooper kickline?

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