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That ‘70s Show has been syndicated for so long, I haven’t felt the need to really go out there and purchase a copy of any of the show’s eight seasons. However, that all might change now that Mill Creek Entertainment and production company Carsey Werner are bringing That ‘70s Show to Blu-Ray.

Season 1 of That ‘70s Show will hit Blu-Ray in March. Initially, the Blu-Ray was set for a January 10 release; however, now the set has the opportunity to release some never-before-available bonus footage and Mill Creek Entertainment is excited about taking advantage of that. Although there is currently no information on what bonus footage Mill Creek Entertainment has obtained, adding extra stuff to the release seems like an alright reason to push Season 1's Blu-Ray back.

If you have already pre-ordered the set over at Amazon., this new development is probably a little annoying. However, if the Season 1 Blu-Ray release of That ‘70s Show can manage to pull out some great high definition and some even greater special features, it’s all the more likely people will shell out to buy copies rather than waiting for reruns on television. Which means it is all the more likely that multiple seasons of That ‘70s Show will be converted to Blu-Ray. With that knowledge, I’d say it will be worth the wait for fans of the show.

TV Blend will keep you posted when Mill Creek Entertainment releases the extras as well as the cover art for the brand new set.

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