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Things are starting to take shape for the comedy pilot Denis Leary has in the works for USA. The Rescue Me co-creator's EMT-focused Sirens, which is set to begin shooting later this month, has cast four of its leads, three male and one female.

Co-created by Leary and Bob Fisher, Sirens is a single-camera comedy pilot that centers on three EMT's working in Chicago. Michael Mosley has been cast to play Johnny, Kevin Daniels will play Hank, and Kevin Bigley is on board to play Brian. The threesome of characters is described as "sometimes self-loathing, other times narcissistic, and always downright self-destructive personalities." All of these traits apparently make it difficult for them to maintain relationships, friendships and jobs. They're also "uniquely qualified for saving anyone unlucky enough to wind up in their ambulance." So, there's that.

Mosley's TV credits include Scrubs, and more recently Pan Am. Meanwhile, Bigley appeared in Game Change and an episode of CSI: Miami and The Chicago Code. And Daniels played Longinus in Modern Family and appeared in an episode of Castle. His feature roles include Ladder 49. On the female side of things, Jessica McNamee (The Vow) has been cast to play the female lead, Theresa.
Mosley stars as "Johnny," a good-looking, sports-loving, Chicago EMT who works with his best friend "Hank," played by Daniels. McNamee stars as "Theresa," a smart, gorgeous female cop with the Chicago PD who still loves her ex Johnny, but ultimately had to move on when he wouldn't commit, and Bigley appears as "Brian," a wide-eyed and excitable new EMT, eager and always ready for an adventure, who still lives with his parents. Hank and Johnny put him through the paces but for the most part Brian doesn't mind; he's game for anything.

Sounds like there's some unfinished business between Theresa and Johnny, which could make things interesting.

I can't help but raise my hopes that things will work out for Sirens. The cast appears to be shaping up nicely and there's definite potential in the concept, not to mention Leary's involvement. Rescue Me was a drama (with some dark humor tied in), while this is a comedy, but Leary's experience in stand-up certainly makes him well qualified to tackle the funny genre. Fingers crossed that things will work out for this one.

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