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Have you noticed just how many spinoffs are hitting networks lately? Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Walking Dead spinoff and the Flash offshoot of Arrow are just a few examples. Blame it on a too many dramas currently in production, or a network hunger to stick with what works. Either way, it's not a new tactic, and Deadline reports ABC and 20th Century Fox TV are even considering branching a series off of Modern Family, one of the most successful comedies the network has ever aired. I could go on and on about how there aren’t enough new ideas out there, but this could work really well with the right concept, and could easily be just as fresh as a non-spinoff.

These are very early conversations being had, and nothing is guaranteed at this point, but they do have a few ideas about where to go with it. The one specific pitch mentioned was a series that follows Gil Thorpe, the ego-friendly number one real estate agent in Southern California, as played with gusto by the always amusing Rob Riggle. This concept was brought up by Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, two of Modern Family’s executive producers, who would also pen the script and be showrunners. Makes sense, since they wrote one of the Riggle-starring episodes. While co-creator Steve Levitan is expected to be involved, his fellow co-creator Christopher Lloyd will likely continue on the main show only.

I’m behind a Gil Thorpe series all the way, even though I’d like to hear some of those other ideas the producers are tossing around. There could be a show about Benjamin Bratt’s character banging a whole bunch of women and being successful. Ed O’Neil could reprise his role of Al Bundy, the disgruntled employee. Really, the only thing I ask is that they completely drop the mockumentary angle and just make it a straight sitcom. That gimmick is wearing thin. Or switch genres entirely, like the Breaking Bad offshoot Better Caul Saul may be doing.. There could easily be a science fiction series that takes place inside Luke’s imagination.

If the Riggle-com doesn’t come to be, you can still catch him starring in Dumb and Dumber To. And you can catch him on Fox during football season making pre-game predictions. Take a look at his slightly surreal picks from last week.

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