4. Dwight’s Belsnickel Costume
Dwight normally looks pretty basic when he heads to the Scranton office for work each morning, but we all know his true beet farm roots and, occasionally, we get to see zany costumes related to the other portion of his life. This was probably best shown during one of The Office’s Christmas episodes, when Dwight was determined to share his holiday traditions with his coworkers, traditions that are pretty opposite the American holiday traditons and also pretty racist.

If you haven’t caught the clip, I won’t spoil the whole Southern Germany Belsnickel look for you, suffice to say it features a disgusting beard, a whip, and plenty of disgusting brown fur. Also, Dwight loves it, and he always has a little Gollum in him when he gets overly excited about a particular tradition or activity.

5. Michael’s MISSterious Suit
Of course, Michael Scott makes this list more than once. Another Office plotline featuring plenty of amusement is the time when the women in the office get a glimpse of a pink label on one of Michael’s suits, soon noticing the feminine cut and shoulder pads in the look. A lady’s suit actually doesn’t look half bad on Michael, but the chuckle-inducing moment is one worth watching.

Honorable Mentions : True Blood Halloween costumes, Andy's Bracelet, Dwight's Overall Appearance, Ryan's my shit don't stink suits, David Wallace's sad, ratty sweatpants.

Please, let us know if there are any of great looks we missed in the comments, below and don't forget to check out The Office's finale on NBC May 16!

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