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Shonda Rhimes has done it again. Much in the way Grey's Anatomy grabbed our attention years back, delivering must-watch episode after must-watch episode - at least in its first couple of seasons - ABC's Scandal has become a new not-so-guilty-pleasure drama for TV watchers. The first season began in 2012, introducing us to Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, an attorney who uses her law expertise in her work as a public image-fixer and scandal manager. Of course, her and her staff of fellow fixers' lives are, in some cases, just as dramatic and messy as their wealthy clientele. That includes Olivia's secret, steamy relationship with the President of the United States. Her involvement (both business and personal) with the White House adds a layer of mildly political drama to the show, which helps the series stand out among other primetime soaps.

(Spoiler alert!) Season 1 introduced us to the work Pope does and the personal conflicts of Olivia and her staff. And Season 2, which debuted this fall, didn't lose a step, launching forward on the first season's momentum and leaving us on the edge of our seats as we watched Fitz get shot, Huck get blamed and Olivia caught in the middle of it all. Exciting, dramatic, romantic, and suspenseful, Scandal is captivating and addictive in all the right ways and great addition to dramatic television in 2012.

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