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Call The Midwife
Set in East London in the 1950s, Call the Midwife is one of the UK’s finest imports to US audiences. The BBC-to-PBS series follows a young midwife trying to determine where she fits in to the world while she works in some of London’s worst slums. Hospital dramas are a dime a dozen on television, but by taking away the hospital itself, and focusing solely on prenatal care, Call the Midwife brings some fresh medical premises to the table and also gives audiences a fine historical perspective.

Still, all of this would be boring without the addition of a likeable and amusing cast. Newcomer Jessica Raine and the nymphish Helen George are charming for very different reasons (the latter reminds me a bit of All the Way Mae in A League of Their Own), but it is comedian Miranda Hart who really shines, transforming the bumbling Chummy into a witty worker, willing to crack a joke but still fight hard for what she believes in. Really, there’s nothing this series is missing. The post-WWII settings are astonishing, the fashion is fun, and the show has even managed to nab Academy award winner Vannessa Redgrave to narrate. A second series is already in the works, and if you can manage to maneuver your remote all the way to PBS, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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