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Heir apparent to the network’s successful Superman inspired Smallville, The CW’s Arrow is having a great first run. Run. That’s what they call it in comics. And while we’ve yet to see all of Season 1, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg’s adaptation of DC’s superhero (usually called “Green Arrow”) is already impressing fans and critics alike with only nine episodes under its utility belt. Okay, so Oliver Queen doesn’t wear a utility belt but you’d be only lying to yourself if you deny the obvious influence that Batman, specifically Christopher Nolan’s uber successful Dark Knight Trilogy, has had on the show.

Not that the inspiration is in any way not welcome since the gritty and realistic approach to handling the vigilante’s adventures has made Arrow one of the most exciting new action series of the year. Stephen Amell is perfectly suited to play both the flamboyant playboy and the physically demanding side of the titular character while the rest of the cast performs admirably and seem similarly well suited for their roles. So the acting isn’t the number one reason to watch The CW superhero series but it the well shot and choreographed action. In addition, the always engaging storylines that include compelling flashbacks and DC criminal cameos make the wait between issues extra hard. Issues. That’s what they call... nevermind because Arrow isn’t just for comic book fans, everyone should be watching the Starling City vigilante try to clean up his city every week. Season 1 resumes on January 16.

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