Do you ever get nostalgic for the sight of someone getting smashed in the face with multiple pies, or for watching someone dig inside a giant nose for a flag? If so, then you probably lived through the Golden Age of Kids Game Shows, which took place roughly from the mid-1980s until the late 1990s. Sure, there are more recent children-centered competitions out there like Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and Jeopardy! Kids Week, but those are pretty boring in comparison to even the tamest Nickelodeon game show.

So put on your dinky plastic helmets and get ready for the 10 greatest kids game shows of all time, ranked in order of excellence. We’re using a complex algorithm that takes into account how much we would have loved to have been on these shows as kids. Well, I guess that doesn’t sound so complex after all. Anyway, have fun trying to get these theme songs out of your head.

10. What Would You Do?
On Nickelodeon’s What Would You Do? (na-na-na-NA-na-na-na), game show host extraordinaire Marc Summers puts kids and their families through the ultimate decisions, such as deciding whether to slide face first into a giant cream pie or take a pitcher of ice water down the pants. It’s insane the number of pie devices this show had, including a frigging pie roller coaster. I expect the whipped cream budget on this show was equal to Summers’ paychecks. I always wanted to get home from school one day to find that my parents had installed a Wall o’ Stuff in my room, but that never happened.

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