Pros: Protective walls, preserved community, supplies, energy, working plumbing.
Cons: Residents are survival-clueless.

Alexandria's still a bit too new to call it a disaster -- Noah would probably disagree with that -- but looking at the drama that transpired at the end of Season 5, chaos and collapse seem inevitable. Alexandria has a lot going for it, including resources and working plumbing, not to mention mostly well-meaning residents. The problem with this place is that these people are, for the most part, zombie apocalypse newbies. They've been mostly shielded from the horrors of outside, so they haven't adapted to them almost at all. They underestimate the consequences of fear, carelessness and desperation. They think they want Rick's help, but they might not be entirely ready for the form in which that help will come. Time will tell. In the meantime, Alexandria seems ideal but it's probably poised to fall, especially now that the Wolf people know it exists.


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