We'll learn about the other groups... and a war that's going on.
It sounds like Lincoln and Octavia's story will better introduce us to some of the other societies in this world, the Grounders included. "We're going to see the Grounders through Lincoln's eyes and through Octavia's eyes," Ricky Whittle tells us. "And that's going to help us get into the world and help the audience learn more about this culture. We aren't necessarily evil, we aren't necessarily bad as Grounders. As in any society, you have good people and you have bad. You have people who want will peace and people who won't want peace."

Whittle also mentioned that we'd be getting to know the "Boat People" and the Mountain Men better in Season 2. "Through Lincoln and Octavia, you're going to learn more about the world that the 100 have landed in and the war that's currently going on."

"Octavia is headed toward definitely morphing into a Grounder," Marie Avgeropoulos says. "You're going to see what the real Grounders have to say about that, and if and when they accept her with open arms or not. And her people are going to have opinions about her doing that as well."

At some point, we might get to see a flashback of when the space stations come together to form the ark. - Jason Rothenberg says he really wants to tell the story about the space stations coming together, but it's an expensive story, so he's not sure when it'll happen.

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