(23) Scandal
Another show that lives up to the hype, Scandal stars Kerry Washington as a Washington DC “fixer” who uses her legal expertise and her team of “gladiators” to help their high profile clientele deal with their various public image issues. Of course, their clients’ messes tend to pale by comparison to the ones Olivia Pope and her people are dealing with in their own personal lives. Scandal is dramatic, suspenseful and soapy in all of the best so-wrong-it’s-right ways. (Watch it.)

(24) Pretty Little Liars - PLL centers on a group of teen girls whose clique falls apart when their leader mysteriously disappears. The ABC Family teen drama mystery thriller is currently midway through its fourth season. Netflix will let you get caught up through Season 3.

(25) Grey’s Anatomy - Like Scandal, Grey’s comes from Shonda Rhimes, only this series confines its drama to the hospital, centering on the lives and world of a group of surgeons. Netflix has nine seasons available streaming.

Looking for something a bit female skewed? Also consider (26) Gossip Girl, (27) Nikita, (28) The Vampire Diaries, (29) Once Upon a Time, (30) The Secret Life of the American Teenager, (31) Switched at Birth, (32) The Carrie Diaries, (33) Beauty and the Beast, (34) Army Wives, (35) Drop Dead Diva, (36) Revenge and (37) Glee.

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