(38) American Horror Story
The first two seasons of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s over-the-top horror drama are available streaming on Netflix. The first season (“Murder House”) tells the story of a modern-day family that moves into a house with a dark and twisted history. American Horror Story: Asylum is set in the past in an institution for the criminally insane. These seasons (as well as the currently-airing third) operate independently in terms of their story, so watch them in order or out, but if you have to pick just one season, go with AHS: Murder House (Season 1), as it’s arguably the better of the two available on Netflixthe. (Watch it.)

(39) Dexter - Netflix only has the first four seasons of Dexter available streaming, with Seasons 5-8 coming in January. But that’s ok, as Seasons 1-4 of the serial killer drama starring Michael C. Hall are the ones most worth watching, particularly Season 4. John Lithgow as “Trinity” is chillingly amazing.

(40) The Following - Get caught up on the first season of Kevin Williamson’s Fox drama before Season 2 premieres next month. The first season centers on Kevin Bacon’s character Ryan Hardy, an FBI agent brought back to work to track down escaped serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). To complicate matters, Carroll has a cult-like following of people willing to die (and kill) for him if necessary. The show crosses into melodramatic territory at times, but it’s fun, dark and twisted for those not averse to violence.

Looking for more killer dramas? Try (41) Bones, (42) The Killing, (43) CSI: NY and (44) CSI: Miami.

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