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In spite of their separation, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are still making a pretty good team. They have now sold a second comedy project to a major network. Skinny Girl has been picked up by ABC just a month after the Hollywood power couple sold Ten Years to NBC. If every major Hollywood breakup were this successful and congenial, the gossips wouldn’t have much to occupy them.

the Hollywood Reporter reported the couple will executive produce Skinny Girl a comedy about a formerly overweight woman working alongside her ex in a diner where the food is a constant temptation to return to her old ways. One wonders if Courteney didn’t take a little inspiration from her former character on Friends - Monica was an overweight teenager who wound up thin and, of all things, a chef. Mad Love writer Rob Sheridan is on board to write for the comedy.

Since their much-publicized separation last fall the once-solid couple have been keeping busy and don’t seem to have a whole lot of hard feeling between them. Cox has been there to support Arquette on Dancing With the Stars and they are both still dedicated parents to daughter Coco, spending plenty of time hanging out as a family. And on the business end of things they’ve sold a game show in addition to their two comedies - Identity Crisis has been sold to CBS. That makes three networks. The couple are even going back to their roots for Scream 4. Perhaps they can rekindle the romance back where it all started?

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