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Those who want to find Alyssa Milano on television will get their wish soon enough, as she’s set to return to Fox’s under-appreciated comedy series Breaking In later this season. And fans of the Who’s the Boss star will get an even bigger dose of her in Summer 2013, as she’s signed on for an ABC series.

Deadline reports that Milano has signed on to play the last of the four available leads in ABC’s soap drama Mistresses. Based on a British series, Mistresses is written by KJ Steinberg and follows four women and their “sometimes scandalous romantic lives.” Previously cast in the series, which is expected to debut the summer after next, are Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Yunjin Kim, and Milano.

While Kim is known for her role as Sun in Lost, and Aytes and Macallan have enough credits to their name to be familiar faces to viewers, Milano seems like the biggest name attached to the series so far, and one that could draw interest from those who loved her in the ’80’s when she starred in Who’s the Boss, or in the late-90‘s/early 2000‘s from her days as Phoebe from Charmed.?

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