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There has been buzz surrounding ABC’s upcoming series, Mistresses, ever since Alyssa Milano was cast in one of the leads back in March. The show, which is expected to premiere during next May, follows four friends as they try to deal with complex relationships and toward a sense of order and enlightenment in their lives. With the four friends cast, including Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Yunjin Kim, and Milano, the series seems well underway, but now ABC has added another addition to the Mistresses crew.

Shannyn Sossamon spent the early 2000s appearing in a slew of flicks, including A Knight’s Tale and The Rules of Attraction, before deciding to do more television roles in recent years. Her role in Moonlight led to a gig on HBO’s How To Make it in America, and now the smoldering beauty is headed to ABC to take part in the soapy drama, based on the U.K. drama of the same name.

While we do not currently know exactly what role Sossamon will play in the friendship-oriented story, THR is reporting the 33-year-old star will have a multi-episode arc on Mistresses, which may mean she works in Milano’s Savi’s law firm, or has dealings with one of the other three women. TV Blend will keep you posted on any details before Sossamon’s character is revealed next season.

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