In the current politically correct climate, TV networks are constantly looking at ways to stay on the right side of the line. However, when networks invest in over-the-top personalities to get people to tune in to their channels, sometimes those networks end up signing on individuals who can’t be controlled, and who end up causing scandals. Back in the day, controversial news could be shoved under the rug a bit more, but during the internet age, that’s become nearly impossible, and networks have responded by pulling shows from the channel. Without further ado, here are 11 TV shows that were yanked off the air after a real-life scandal.

19 Kids And Counting
19 Kids And Counting, TLC
For years, 19 Kids and Counting was a staple on TLC. Regardless, it’s hard for a series to come back after reports surface indicating one of a show’s main cast members has molested his sisters and other young women as a teen, and that’s exactly what happened with star Josh Duggar. Early on, TLC actually just temporarily pulled the series, but when it became clear the Duggar allegations were true and advertisers began bailing, the network opted to cancel the series for good.

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