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It's become something of a tradition that the Roastee set to be featured in the next Comedy Central Roast helps promote the approaching special by roasting themselves in the advertisements. In the case of Roseanne, who is set to be the target of the next roasting on Comedy Central, the most obvious joke involves the rendition of a certain memorable and nationally beloved tune, so naturally that's what's featured in the new promo for her Roast.

Twenty-two years ago (almost to the day), Roseanne stepped up to the microphone at a Padres game and vocally butchered the National Anthem. The performance, which included a bit of post-singing crotch-grabbing, got people's attention, offending many. While it's probably safe to assume the nation is over it, it hasn't been forgotten, as evidenced by this promo video for her upcoming Roast at Comedy Central.

As we've seen in previous Roast promos, this is a good demonstration of her willingness to look back at her career and poke a little fun at herself. It's good to see she's game for that as there's probably going to be plenty more where that came from when the action Roast airs.

The Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne is set to air August 12 at 10/9c on Comedy Central, and will feature various comedians and celebrity-types (to be announced) as they rib and roast the comedian/actress all in the spirit of humor and fun. Jane Lynch is already lined up to be the Roastmaster, which is already a win for the special. And Comedy Central says we'll hear word about the Roasters next week.

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