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Numb3rs producer Ken Sanzel has really upped his chances of getting some fodder on NBC next year. The man has two script commitments from the peacock network, for two very different sorts of dramas. The first, Gen Mishima, is based on a Chilean series and the second, Hood, will be a modern-day retelling of the Robin Hood stories.

Since Gen Mishima has the more interesting title of the two, we’ll start with that project. No Reservations producer Segio Aguero actually nabbed the rights to the Chile-based series a couple of years ago, and will executive produce the U.S. version of the show alongside Sanzel, who will also write the script. According to THR, the script will follow a reporter and an FBI guy who will join forces to determine what happened to the residents of a school targeting the training of genius kids after it burns down.

The Robin Hood retelling sounds a little more straightforward. The project is all Sanzel’s, and the man will both write and executive produce. Hood will follow a dude in upstate New York rallying against a corrupt police community, as well as some other bad men. Today’ s Robin Hood will be a former war veteran, as well, which I suppose is meant to match up with some later tales that pit the character returning from the crusades (Thank you, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves). Without more detail, it's hard to know if these will be insta-wins for NBC, but since NBC has already announced the end of most of its Thursday night lineup, there should be at least a few timeslots open for new projects to weasel in.

TV Blend will keep you posted whether or not Sanzel gets lucky and earns a pilot order for either Gen Mishima or Hood.

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