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Since playing the role of Jimmy Cooper in The O.C., it's been one notable project after the other for Tate Donovan. Sure, some of us may always associate him - at least a little bit - with his earlier work in such films as SpaceCamp and Love Potion No. 9 (both referenced here without any intended irony), but he's really stepped in up in recent years, between his role in Damages and his contribution to the top-notch cast of the Oscar-nominated film Argo. These days, he can be seen on NBC's drama series Deception, and should things not go well for that show, he has another project lined up.

THR says Donovan has been cast to play Toni Collette's husband, Brian, in CBS' drama pilot Hostages, which comes from Jeffrey Nachmanoff. The drama stars Collette as Ellen, a surgeon in Washington, DC who is drawn into a conspiracy when she's chosen to operate on the President of the U.S.. She ends up tasked with attempting to save the lives of her family when they're taken hostage. In addition to learning Donovan will play Collette's husband, and one of the hostages of the story, it sounds like the struggling housing market is hitting the character hard. THR says Brian's real estate career isn't doing so well and he's trying to keep up appearances while Ellen does her best to shoulder more of the family's financial burden.

Apparently, Brian is reluctant to cooperate with the hostage-takers, until a secret is revealed, which forces him to play along. It certainly sounds like there are layers to this intriguing story. And with Donovan on board, joining Collette and previously cast Dylan McDermott, the cast just got that much better. Of course, his involvement in Hostages is in second position to Deception. Meaning, if Deception is renewed for a second season, Donovan will need to be recast in the pilot, should CBS decide to move forward with it.

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