TLC’s controversial reality series Breaking Amish is set to come back for a second season, and this time the young Amish stars of the show will be enjoying a little sunshine. The show is set to take them to Florida where even more culture shock awaits.

After a first season in which the series brought in strong ratings but also came under fire for perhaps taking the term reality television just a little too lightly, TLC is ready to bring the Amish back for another round. The series faced accusations of stretching the truth and in some cases even ignoring it altogether not long into the first season. Although the show was advertised as following a group of young Amish people leaving their homes and experiencing the outside world (in this case New York City) for the first time, evidence quickly surfaced showing that in fact most of the stars had left the Amish country behind before; and that one of the couples on the show had already been married, divorced, and had a child together - a fact that was ignored on the program.

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and Breaking Amish doesn’t seem to have been hurt by the controversy. The show averaged 3.2 million viewers during its Season 1 run. The eight-episode second season is set to premiere in May, and will follow the same group in a new setting in the Florida sunshine. The new season promises more love triangles, surprise visits, financial and career troubles, and, of course, plenty of other drama.

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