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History’s epic miniseries, The Bible, tells many biblical tales within varied and rich settings. In this exclusive Blu-ray bonus clip, the production designers explain how they found an abandoned village in the middle of the dessert, restored the remaining buildings and then built spaces in the abandoned village to look like places from Bethlehem to Egypt. Each of the individual sets looks amazing on television, but the set is actually jumbled up together, with one set erected directly beside the next. Apparently, the build took months to put together and then to age appropriately, but it looks totally true to the times onscreen, at least to my admittedly untrained eyes.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or a person with religious fervor, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s The Bible miniseries is an event worth watching. The 10-hour miniseries aired on the History channel just last month and will now be hitting Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD on Tuesday, April 2 (otherwise known as ‘tomorrow’). The miniseries covers a variety of time periods, including stories from Genesis through Revelation, plus there will be plenty of extras for fans to behold.

The Bible will be one of those increasingly rare instances when fans will get all of the bonus features, regardless of what copy they decide to purchase. Extras range from behind-the-scenes information, like the awesome production story above to a deeper look at the stories that inspired Burnett and Downey to take on the task of producing a miniseries for The History Channel. Other extras will look at the score and the visual effects of the film. Overall, there will be tons of supplementary information available with the set. You can pre-order over at Amazon or check out the full list of extras before deciding.

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