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Syfy is kicking off its newest original series tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Defiance is a drama set far into the future in the year 2046, when aliens and humans intermix on Earth. To celebrate the show's premiere, Syfy is posting behind-the-scenes clips every hour until 5 p.m. ET. You can check out some of them here, or head over to Defiance Universe.

Grant Bowler discusses a bit about his character’s story arc prior to the beginning of Defiance. He also talks about the big hook that got him into the series: the dichotomy that his character, Joshua Nolan, has spent a lifetime fighting aliens, but now has adopted and partnered up with an Irathient alien who is, for all purposes, his daughter.

The second clip focuses on Dewshane Williams, who plays a human officer of the law in Defiance, as he watches over Irisa Nyira, played by Stephanie Leonidas. In the clip, Williams talks about how the goal is for all races, human and alien to work together in order to get along, but sometimes that can be tough, especially when you have someone as rough and tumble as Nyira aroud. Both of the clips offer a bit of comedy and should be a nice way to segue into tonight’s big premiere.

Ever since Defiance nabbed an April 15 premiere date, the network has been busy promoting its fledgling series. There have been trailers galore, and most recently, 14 minutes of the premiere became available online. Of course, with the premiere set to hit Syfy in just a few hours, it may be worth just waiting for the full block of programming at this point.

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