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Just a few weeks after Prospect Park began airing new episodes of veteran soap operas One Life To Live and All My Children via The Online Network, the company is making some major scheduling changes. Instead of airing four new episodes of each show every week, both programs will cut back to two episodes.

The timing seems pretty suspect for a change of that ilk. Cutting back from four to two episodes almost makes it seem if the revamped All My Children and One Life to Live are not doing particularly well; however, Deadline is reporting that is not the case. According to the outlet, Prospect Park took a look at the first couple of weeks of viewing and determined fans were attempting to binge view on episodes, but were having trouble because there were so many.

Most people who have ever had tons of episodes of the same TV show in front of them have been guilty of a little binge viewing. (There’s even a pretty awesome episode of Portlandia committed to this very theme). This idea actually makes some sense, as plenty of shows available online only offer 10-13 episodes of new content a season, whereas One Life To Live and All My Children initially planned to offer 168 a year. The thinking is that while viewers popped in and out of their favorite shows on television, they can now watch them whenever they want and most audiences are watching the episodes in order.

I still wouldn’t totally discount the budget idea though, as the change also means All My Children and One Life To Live will be dropping to only 110 episodes. Instead of getting new programming Monday-Thursday, new episodes of All My Children will become available on Mondays and Wednesdays and new episodes of One Life To Live will be out on the site on Tuesdays and Thursday. Feel free to change your TV viewing calendars accordingly.

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