Revolution’s panel at Comic-Con has been titled “Special Video Presentation and Q&A”. What exactly that means is anyone’s guess. We could be getting the entire first episode of Season 2. We could be getting a 2 minute trailer. We could be getting a deleted scene from Season 1. We don’t have the slightest idea what the hell is going to happen, but we will be there. So, the second we find out, we’ll let you know via this live blog, as well as the answers to the Q&A questions. Here’s the official description of the panel…
In this epic adventure from Supernatural's Eric Kripke and J. J. Abrams's Bad Robot Productions, a family struggles to reunite in a postapocalyptic American landscape where every piece of technology has mysteriously blacked out, setting in motion a swashbuckling journey that leads to the reason the lights went out. The season 1 finale found our heroes at The Tower and the switch to turn the lights back on-but the mystery of the blackout is just the beginning. Fans will be treated to an exclusive video presentation, followed by a special Q&A with series stars and producers. From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises, and Warner Bros. Television, the second season of Revolution premieres this fall in its new Wednesday 8/7c time period on NBC.

4:58 PM: The Revolution panel just began with a film clip teasing the upcoming season. Quite a bit of it directly relates to trying to bring the United States back together. That will likely be the recurring central theme throughout the new season.

5:00 PM: By the way, if you're anywhere near Comic-Con right now, there are plenty of good seats available for this panel. Revolution might be NBC's highest rated scripted show, but it apparently doesn't inspire as much fanaticism as some of the smaller, cult hits, which is the nicest way I can tell you at least 1/3rd of the place is empty.

5:02 PM: Season 2 will begin with those nukes being launched at the end of Season 1 destroying two cities on the East Coast. The power will immediately go out again, and the ensuing episodes will follow that destabilization.

5:03 PM: The writers are so sick of the power. They want this to be a show about swords again. They want to get back to the basic core it was sold to America on, which is unintentionally hilarious since there's only been one season. Who needs to do some soul searching after one season? Apparently, this one does and has.

5:07 PM: David Lyons ("Monroe") is really happy his character is no longer stuck behind a desk running the republic. He's glad he can film some scenes that involve moving around and not just shouting at subordinates.

5:08 PM: Giancarlo Esposito ("Major Neville") sees his character as the ultimate schemer. He thinks his brain is always going. He's always looking for angles to help his own station and to advance what he thinks is right.

5:11 PM: Giancarlo rants in character about how his son doesn't listen to him and constantly complains about being tired, despite the fact that Jason is younger, stronger and more handsome.

5:13 PM: Lots of talk about how Miles and Monroe have a weird friendship/ closeness/ almost sexual tension. They've had so many goddamn chances to kill each other, and yet, they always stay alive. The producers really wanted to create a villain so bad this season that "Miles and Monroe would have to band together". Think of them like the United States and Russia near the end of Watchmen.

5:17 PM: Season 2 will be a slowly unfolding mystery/ conspiracy. There will be less action and less war. It will be replaced by thinking, changing allegiances and bigger questions

5:21 PM: Things to look for in the new season: The Texas Rangers---assumedly, the law enforcement organization and not the baseball team. Though it should be noted a younger version of Nolan Ryan could hold his own in a post-apocalyptic society with that angry demeanor and vicious fastball.

5:27 PM: Lots of questions for Giancarlo (not surprisingly). 1) He was drawn to the role because of what a complicated character Major Neville is. He loved the combination of brash man and classy gentleman he is. 2) He doesn't read scripts ahead of time so he can make sure he stays in the moment with his character and the lines.

5:28 PM: Billy Burke ("Miles") admits he did zero preparation for Revolution in terms of physicality. There was no time. He got cast and he just dove in and hoped.

5:32 PM: For all the super nerds out there, all of the references and images related to The Stand by Stephen King were absolutely intentional and were inserted.

5: 35 PM: There will be a ton of Rachel and Miles relationship drama this season.

5:57 PM: And we're out. Thanks for reading, guys.

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