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Midseason premieres are just around the corner, which is good news for Sherlock fans, a group of people that have been waiting for new episodes for quite some time. News has been pouring in over the last several months, and this week a few stills related to the upcoming Season 3 have been released.

When our hero last left off, he was presumed dead by those nearest and dearest to him. Recently, it was determined that the new season will jump ahead in time two years from the end of the final Season 2 episode. Apparently, Sherlock’s been lying low ever since. Those fans of the series who have access to the BBC’s content will be privy to a mini-episode of the series on December 25 called “Many Happy Returns,” that will fill in some of the details about the two years since Sherlock disappeared off the radar. I don’t know if American audiences will get to see the mini-episode when the show appears on PBS later in January, but at least we have a few new photos from the drama. My personal favorites are the artsy shots of Sherlock and Watson, one of which can be viewed above, the other below. The former is hovering like a ghost in the images and the latter seems preoccupied and a little morose. I wonder how quickly—if at all—the men’s partnership will recover after Watson learns of Sherlock’s deception?


Those two photos are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of new looks at the new season, none of which tell us a ton about what we can expect from the three episodes, titled “The Empty Hearse,” “The Sign of the Three,” and “His Last Vow.” Those in the U.K. will get new Sherlock episodes, first. The season will begin airing on the BBC on January 1. Luckily, U.S. audiences won’t have to wait that much longer than U.K. audiences to view the content. On this side of the pond, Sherlock will begin airing on January 19 at 10 p.m. ET. Usually, the series airs in the U.S. several months after the U.K. premiere, so getting the program just a few weeks later is definitely a vast improvement.

We haven’t gotten a ton of information about the third season of the drama, but we have seen a few trailers and been privy to a few tidbits of news, including that actor Lars Mikkelsen has signed on to play the villain, Charles Augustus Magnussen, during the new season.

There are plenty of photos and clips available on the BBC’s site, including some additional behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the show. Or you can check out the rest of the new images, first posted over at EW, below.

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