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TVGN has been coming out of the woodwork lately to pick up a bunch of content, including original programming and reruns of plenty of shows like The Bold & The Beautiful. The latest program the network has picked up is Star-Crossed, a brand new CW show that takes its name from Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo & Juliet. The network has planned a “midseason catch-up marathon” for anyone interested in the drama.

The marathon begins airing on Saturday, so if you’ve already mentally penciled in tomorrow as a couch day, or know yourself well enough to realize you won’t be getting out of your pajamas until you have to meet your friends/coworkers/family for dinner, the Star-Crossed marathon could be the event for you. TVGN is listing the seven-episode marathon as starting at 1 p.m., which means you can even sleep in until the afternoon and still catch the entire marathon. I’m assuming this was part of TVGN’s big plan to woo viewers.

Star-Crossed stars Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lanter as a human and alien, respectively, who meet-cute when they are youths but fall in love as teenagers. The show focuses on the love component quite often, but it’s also a show with political motivations. At the start of the series, the Atrians crash land in the United States, where they are forced into segregation from the rest of society. Nearly a decade later, the United States government allows a few atrians to integrate into a local high school, where Teegarden’s Emery and Lanter’s Roman begin to fall in love. However, both humans and atrians don’t look kindly on relationships with one another, and their love is problematic from the start, leading to plenty of high school drama and other shenanigans.

Star-Crossed’s ratings have never been stellar, and the prospect of a renewal over at the CW has not been particularly high since the first episode aired. It’s a shame because leads Teegarden and Lanter are both pretty great, giving us reasons to root for each character’s political causes, as well as the titular romance. Sure, the idea of aliens looking exactly like humans with weird tattoos is a wee bit ludicrous. Actually, it’s pretty outrageous. But I find that if I just mentally chalk it up to a low-end budget, I don’t even think about it. Honestly, with a little writing finesse and time to grow, Star-Crossed could grow into more than a watchable program on the CW and I’d really like to see it get the chance.

Star-Crossed started as a midseason premiere, and as such still has several episodes set to air. You can catch new episodes of the drama on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET. Recent episodes can also be viewed on the CW’s site.

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