If you have been following the saga of Real Housewives of New Jersey reality star Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, you probably are already aware that the couple will be spending plenty of time in prison in the coming months. But first, they’ll head to Bravo to talk about their experiences in court and with the law to Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen.

While the Giudices were quiet when they left court earlier this week, they will be opening up to talk to Cohen about the numerous counts of fraud the couple was convicted of, as well as their individual sentences and presumably Joe’s potential deportation to his home country of Italy. TMZ also notes the show will cover “family” and “fears.” The interview will be part of a special episode that is rolling with the title Watch What Happens Live: One-on-One with Teresa and Joe. Additionally, The Real Housewives of New Jersey has plans in the works to begin filming a reunion special so that Teresa Giudice can participate before she is shipped off to prison.

On Thursday, the Giudices were each given prison sentences after a lengthy court case. The couples were up on charges including mail fraud, submitting false information on loan applications, and hiding numerous assets during earlier bankruptcy filings. After Teresa decided to stick with her husband rather than nab a plea bargain, the documentation was numerous enough to send both to prison. Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in prison while her husband was given a lengthy 41-month sentence. Because the couple has four daughters, the judge on the case was lenient enough to allow Joe and Teresa to serve their sentences separately so that their kids will not be alone. Teresa will go to jail first, kicking off her sentence in January of 2015.

While Bravo will have the exclusive on the Giudice’s reaction to going to prison, the network is staying mum about where The Real Housewives of New Jersey show will be headed moving forward. The reality program has been a fixture on the network since 2009, and could obviously still go on without Giudice. Regardless, Teresa is arguably the most popular and most loyal member of the cast. She’s the only person who has stuck with the show since its inception, despite her recent legal troubles, and she’s the one only casual watchers of the series usually know off the bat thanks to appearances on programs like Celebrity Apprentice.

We’ll have to wait and find out whether or not Season 7 of the veteran reality series will happen. In the meantime, you can hear what Teresa and Joe Giudice have to say for themselves when they appear on Monday at 11 p.m. EST.

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